Investment Management

Client Goals

Sippican Capital Advisors develops a precise understanding of a client’s financial situation before it creates and implements an appropriate investment plan. This assessment includes both near and long-term investment goals and a consideration of the individual’s non-financial assets such as real estate, business assets and possible inheritance. In addition, the Advisor contemplates the client’s risk tolerance, income needs, investment horizons, tax requirements and generational issues.


Sippican Capital Advisors develops close productive relationships with their clients. These relationships enable the Advisor to understand clearly the client’s personal and generational goals and align them effectively with the client's investment strategies. We strongly encourage our clients' involvement in the investment process and work to keep them informed and engaged through regular communication and personal meetings.

Investment Philosophy

Portfolios are constructed primarily based on the proper asset allocation consistent with the client’s investment goals. The Advisor pays specific attention to requirements for income, liquidity, capital appreciation, tax efficiency and risk tolerance. For the most part, portfolios comprise individual stocks or bonds and mutual funds and ETFs. Mutual funds and ETFs are used to augment the portfolio where individual holdings – such as international stocks or high-yield bonds – present a higher level of risk. The client may also impose investment restrictions, and this consideration is also part of the process of suitable asset allocation.