Client Services

Investment Strategy and


Sippican Capital Advisors works with its clients to develop an individualized, dynamic portfolio that meets the clients’ financial objectives and respects their risk tolerance. The clients and the Advisor complete this process of strategic planning before active investment management begins. Once this process is completed, Sippican Capital Advisors will create a unique portfolio of individual securities in line with the investment strategy.


The principals of Sippican Capital Advisors are trustees to many clients’ trusts. The principals acting in their capacity as trustees are given legal discretion over the trust property to manage the assets held in the trust, carry out the terms of the instrument and advise on a wide range of personal financial considerations.

Estate Planning and


Sippican Capital Advisors works with clients to help manage the transition of their assets to future generations while considering the tax consequences of such transfers. In this regard, the advisor can work with the client’s attorney or accountant or can refer the client to a law firm for this purpose. Going through this process prior to involving a law firm will generally result in lower legal fees.


Sippican Capital Advisors can also assist in the settlement of clients' estates.

Custody and

Record Keeping

Sippican Capital Advisors does not provide custody services or brokerage services. Clients may select a custodian bank or brokerage firm to hold their securities. Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services acts as custodian for the vast majority of the advisor’s clients but Sippican Capital Advisors manages assets for clients that are held at banks or other brokerage firms. The advisor can assist in helping with these arrangements.


Sippican Capital Advisors produces a variety of management reports including asset holdings and measures of performance that are delivered to clients independent of those provided by the custodian. Clients generally receive quarterly reports; however, they may choose to receive them monthly.

Ancillary Services

In an effort to support all aspects of our client’s financial responsibilities, Sippican Capital Advisors assists in the following areas:


Bill payment

Estimated tax payments

Residential mortgages

Household and personal insurance

Referrals for professional services

Tax Preparation

Sippican Capital Advisors can provide for the preparation of a client’s personal tax return as well as a fiduciary return for a client’s trust. The Advisor also works with outside accountants to facilitate the preparation of clients' tax returns.

Philanthropic Strategies

Sippican Capital Advisors can work with clients to incorporate philantropic strategies into their comprehensive estate management and planning.